Moving markers

I have completed the implementation of markers. Now you can see how markers look on the table.

I visually depict the first 3 markers of each kind. Because you can go overboard with your markers (if you’re a crazy combo player), I just add a digit next to the markers if the number goes over 3. Also not displayd on the screen shot is the fact that each marker has an associated tooltip stating the name of the marker and its count.

Markers on the table

The markers are nice, and are a visual improvement upon 1.x. But the most interesting part is probably how you can manipulate them:


  • Just as in 1.x, hitting the + or – keys on your numerical pad when the mouse is over a marker will add / remove one marker of this kind.
  • You can drag and drop markers all around the place. If you drag a marker to another card, the game will move the marker to this card. If you drop it anywhere but on a card, the marker is simply removed.
  • If you press shift when starting the drag of markers, it doesn’t move just one marker but all markers of this kind on the card. Quite handy for your modular deck.
  • If you press alt when dropping the markers, it doesn’t move the markers but rather copy them. This may come handy if your deck creates numerous copies of the same marker on many different cards.

I think that it’s very cool to be able to manipulate the markers with the mouse and it definitively enhances the way OCTGN is played. I hope you enjoy the feature, too.


Markers are a major feature addition and a big step forward for 2.0. The road is unfortunately still long and I don’t know what I’m gonna talk about next time. I’d say it’s going to be either Notes, Targetting, or Card Creation.


Till then,


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3 Comments on “Moving markers”

  1. eyerouge Says:

    Looks great! Will the font-size of the token count be customizable? Off topic: Maybe I’ve already read your stance, but will there be support for double sided cards? Some games (Rage for example) uses them.

  2. Koryu Says:

    So if you press Ctrl and Alt when dragging and dropping the markers, all of them will be copied or is it already implemented in holding Alt? Will it copy one or all markers of this kind?

    Also Off Topic: Will there be customizable designs? Or will there be a possibility to put a skin on OCTGN 2 so it matches the favourite card game?

    Great job, looking forward to the release!

  3. jods Says:

    The font size is automatically set to match the markers height.
    Double-sided cards are on the wishlist, and I can’t foresee any problem with them. As of yet, they are unsupported, though.

    If you have Shift pressed when you start a drag, and Alt when you drop (you can of course hold both down the whole time, if you think it’s any easier) all markers of this kind will get copied.
    The technical possibility to skin OCTGN is built-in the platform. (And any designer who wants to create a skin is welcome). Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to expose this skinning functionnality to everyone. This is linked to the fact that the possible theming is quite powerful.

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