License considerations

I have received several PM asking me about the license and availability of OCTGN 2.0 source code. So I guess it wouldn’t be too bad an idea to clarify things here.

  1. OCTGN 2.0 will be free for all to use.
  2. OCTGN 2.0 will be open-source. I will make the source code available most probably under the GPL license (which basically means that if you make changes to the code, you must make your changes available under the GPL too).
  3. The availability of the code will hopefully allow the most skilled amongst you to create modified versions of OCTGN, or additional tools for it. Special care has been taken to guarantee that this option doesn’t open the door to cheating.
  4. Speaking about extensibility, I’m considering if a plugin system would be a good idea or not. But this wouldn’t be before 2.5 or something, anyway.

In other news, I’m working on the markers system. (Markers being the little objects you put on your cards to keep track of some state.) I think it’ll be very nice, much more than OCTGN 1.x which just uses some text over the cards. But it’s no small stuff so stay with me for one week or two. I’ll have some screen shots then.


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4 Comments on “License considerations”

  1. Discord Says:


    You KNOW I’ve been waiting for this, so I’ll just say:


  2. Anonymouse Says:

    Can you say “BSD license”?

  3. jods Says:

    B-S-D. Looks like I can say it. 😉

    Seriously: I haven’t decided for sure what the license is.

    The fact is that I’m using on piece of software which is quite handy and which isn’t easily swapped for something else (although there are alternatives). And this piece of software is available under the GPL (or a commercial license, but I’m not going to pay for the development of OCTGN). This implies that the license will most probably be GPL (unless I do use an alternative solution).

    To be honest, I am not a big fan of the GPL myself and I have considered alternatives to this library. So there is no final word yet. I would be curious to hear which license you prefer (apparently BSD) and why.

    But remember that my first objective is to create a great software as fast as possible. I am not going to create myself additional work just because I dislike one licence.

  4. Test Says:

    Hi all!


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