Bigger playing area, part 3

To help you use as much screen space as possible, I just added the “full screen” mode to OCTGN 2.0. This is nothing new, OCTGN 1.x works like that by default. You can maximize the window so that it covers your task bar, and loses its border. So that it really is full screen.

The neat tweak I added is that when you go fullscreen the menu bar disappears. You can still access it, because it appears again when you move your mouse to the very top of the screen.

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2 Comments on “Bigger playing area, part 3”

  1. Discord Says:

    Nice…a virtual tabletop with no distractions.

    And I presume you mean “You CAN still access it”.

  2. jods Says:

    yeah, right. You CAN. It was an unfortunate typo.

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