I’m moving

Hi everybody.

Because the CIA is after me, I have to move to a new place.

As you surely know, moving is very complicated and time consuming. I have tons of things to prepare, to pack, administrative work to do, and so on.

So I won’t have much time for OCTGN in the week(s ?) to come, and I may have access to internet in a very random way.

To keep you all teased: I have coded something new which should be quite nice to have, or so I hope. It’s a change from how OCTGN 1 used to work, and I’m gonna talk about it as soon as I have time to write my next entry, and an internet access to post it!



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2 Comments on “I’m moving”

  1. Discord Says:

    Best of luck with the move. 🙂

  2. AkumAPRIME Says:

    I hope you’re moving into some dream house……

    with CIA proof walls, and FBI repellant nano droids…

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