Bigger playing area, part 1

OCTGN is about gaming with cards. So the bigger the playing area, the better. Because a bigger playing area means either: bigger cards and better graphics – or more cards on the table. Both being quite cool.

I think there’s a lot which can be done towards this goal. Today part 1: removing the zoomed card from the interface. Don’t get me wrong, the card zoom is needed and I’m not going to remove it completely. But it takes just too much place on screen.

So in OCTGN 2 it will be invisible by default, allowing a lot more space for the table. When you place your mouse over a card, it appears and disappears dynamically, with a fade-in/out animation to make things more smooth. Of course, the drawback is that the card zoom now covers part of the table. To mitigate this, it always appears in the corner at the opposite from where the mouse cursor is.

The overall effect is pretty cool, but a screenshot really doesn’t do it justice.

The new card zoom

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5 Comments on “Bigger playing area, part 1”

  1. Fork Says:

    I’m trying to visualize this how it would look and feel (don’t really know yet) but this feature sounds fantastic. This is exactly what I would appreciate in a card gaming software: You don’t have to see everything when you don’t need to.

    Ofcourse, a player should have an option whether to enable this option or not but having it on by default sounds right.

    I hope your next topics will include: “F11 for full screen”

  2. eyerouge Says:

    If possible, let the degree of the zoomed in card trancparency be set by the user.

  3. jods Says:

    Actually it’s opaque. The screenshot shows partial transparency because it was taken during a fade-in animation.

  4. Discord Says:

    Nice first step towards larger play areas. 🙂

    Bigger will definately be better.

  5. AkumAPRIME Says:

    genius, really. and of course as eyerouge says, user control of the GUI is gooood!

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