A name changes, a break, and small problems

Hi again!

I haven’t been writing for some time, but don’t worry: I’m not dead. I’ve spent some time on another project, which is related to OCTGN 2.0. It’s something very big – at least I think so – but I can’t speak about it for now. It’s going to be one of the last pieces of the 2.0 puzzle, in a way the icing on the cake.

In the meantime, Microsoft has decided to re-name the WinFX library as “.NET 3.0”. They’ve explained that it would clarify what WinFX really was. I’m doubtful about that, though. The 3.0 branding may make you think that this is a new major iteration of the .NET runtime, possibly introducing breaking changes, etc. But it’s not, it’s just the additional librairies previously called WinFX combined with the existing .NET 2.0 framework. So, really it’s more a 2.1 than a 3.0. Bah, whatever.

The joy of working with beta software is that you get a new version every two months (more or less). Well, sometimes it’s a joy: like when I got the beta 2 a few months ago, and discovered that the performance of the system were greatly increased. But sometimes it’s just a pain. Like the June CTP I just got, and which seem to be crashing my application when I quit. Haven’t sorted that out yet, but it’s a real pain.

Today, I was planning to talk about my new idea for the user interface. Because of the aforementionned bug, I couldn’t work on it, so this is slightly delayed until next week. Stay tuned!

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4 Comments on “A name changes, a break, and small problems”

  1. Discord Says:

    Hope you manage to sort out the gremlins.

    Keep up the good work….and oooooh, secret icing.

  2. keg_guy Says:

    I was hoping to get some info from anyone bout this when is OCTGN 2 sapposed to come out? OCTGN 1 seems to be dead as cardfloppers is gone. I am really looking for someplce to play MTG booster draft (with art for free) and OCTGN seems by far the best program just cant find it. Please help, thanks

  3. jods Says:

    There’s no schedule for OCTGN 2 yet.
    There’s too much work left to be done and progress is made on a not regular enough basis. Understand me well: I don’t say that OCTGN 2 is vaporware (à la Duke Nukem Forever), but that it’s hard to say a date which has even a remote chance of being correct.
    I could tell you that I really want to have it done before the end of this year, but really, it means nothing (could be earlier as well as later).

    Please keep in mind that all the people involved in this project are doing it for free, using their spare time (and it takes a lot of time). We all have a real work and a life beside OCTGN, so basically: it will be ready when it is.

    I don’t understand your remark about OCTGN 1 being dead. As far as I can see cardfloppers.com is up and running, and while no changes are made to the software, the game is being played by several people.

    Best regards,

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