Port to WinFX progress

Hello again,

Nothing fancy today but I wanted to let you know how the port to WinFX is doing.

And it's doing very well, apart from the occasionnal frustration of working with beta software, for which there is little documentation and a few bugs.

I've ported most of the application, the only big missing piece is the script system, used to execute game actions. It shouldn't be hard to plug it, since it's not really related to graphics. Then we'll be at the same point as the Windows.Forms version was.

Here's a screen shot of the new version:

New WinFx version of OCTGN 2.0

 As you can see, it looks very much like the old one. This is because I have done a straight and mindless port, I haven't taken advantage of the power of WinFx yet.

Now that I've done most of the work, I can honestly say the WinFx is awesome. The source code is a lot smaller and cleaner, and the possibilities are awesome! I can say that I'm really looking forward for this new client. 

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5 Comments on “Port to WinFX progress”

  1. Fork Says:

    When compared to old screenshots, this one looks somehow more leaner. Don’t know, but somehow I like it more.

    I am waiting for the beta test periods if the feel has also improved 😉

    The source code being smaller and cleaner is huge bonus and I bet you don’t regret now doing the port process at this stage?

    I can only imagine how much java code is needed to do that same stuff!

  2. Jobie Says:

    I like how clean the interface looks in this screenshot.

    On a side note, my account doesn’t seem to be working on Cardfloppers…if anyone who is important enough to be able to fix it, post a comment up here.

  3. Guard1an4 Says:

    I like the new look of the new octgn do you have any idea when you will start beta testing it i am interested in being part of the beta test. I also hope that with the new versions that you can improve the shufuler in it because in the current version it isn’t very good not terrible but could be better. I really appreciate all the work you have put into octgn it is a great program that i use on a regular basis to work on my decks and tweak decks that i have built. Gl with the new winfx i hope it saves you a lot of time in getting 2.0 out i look forward to it.

  4. AkumAPRIME Says:

    Hey, glad to see a post here. I always eagerly anticipate.
    I was worried how long this WinFX thing might take you, but it seems like with just a small break you are nearly where you were, but with a Lot more potential. Looks like the Almighty Jods made the right choice.

  5. eyerouge Says:

    /me shares the above interest (as always)

    Guard1an4: I’m not a part of any octgn-dev crew and don’t speak for them, but

    a) The shuffler in current octagon is shuffling at least as good as any normal real life player would. “Weird stuff” happens, both irl and in software. And if you think about it it isn’t even that weird – the cpu doesn’t discriminate and can’t see what’s on a card, hence we’re the ones judging the shuffling wicked. In code all cards are equal.

    b) There is no real random generator when it comes to the computers of today. All systems have flaws, but this is under development and will probably be resolved with a not so distant future coming hardware.

    c) If jods is writing the stuff from scratch there is no way on earth he’ll write an identic shuffler by pure chance 😉 ..so no worries.

    d) The current shuffler has been tested thousands of times and it shows no real flaws worth dealing with. All that is documented online in the OCTGN forums.

    Speaking of which:


    It would be really cool if the shuffler was a plugin, so that people could write their own. That way you will never have to hear people comment it and you’ll also leave the door open for improvements. Think of it, please, ’cause it has been an ever so re-occuring issue with OCTGN.

    I also hope you’ll announce the release of the spoiler list format and all other that’s needed for us to create fan-made patches for whatever cardgames. I’m very eager to get hold of the info and get to work 😉

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