I ain’t dead

Just a small note to let you all now that I'm still breathing. The blog has started on a regular basis, and I know I haven't updated it for several weeks (now it's done 😉 ).

It's not that I've run out of topics (which is absolutely not the case), but rather that I was very busy in real life. Lots of good things have happened to me, but the downside was that I had almost no time to spend on OCTGN.

The good news (for you at least) is that things are slowing down, and I should be able to progress again. I have started to port the GUI to WinFX, as I mentionned in the previous post. And I can say that I am very impressed and enthusiast with the result so far.

That's it for today!

PS: bonus point for those who can say whom I have borrowed the title from. (Hint: this woman wrote it on a card she was wearing).

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10 Comments on “I ain’t dead”

  1. Fork Says:

    Your last entry revealed that there is definetely something boiling under the surface but glad to hear your thoughts now. Really interested to hear in the future how the porting to WinFX goes.

    Bonus point: I would say you borrowed the title from The Kill Bill and Black Mamba a.k.a. Uma Thurman.

  2. jods Says:

    @Fork: Bonus point: sorry, she is a lot older 😉

  3. eyerouge Says:

    Great to hear about you taking the decision and launching the port. You have no idea how awaited octgn 2 is…

  4. Discord Says:

    Good to have ya back. Keep up the good work.

  5. AkumAPRIME Says:

    Might we be able to know what good things went on in your life? I like to think we aren’t just interested in your product, but also interested in You

  6. jods Says:

    @AkumA: generally speaking, I don’t like to publish my private life on the web, where lots of people whom I don’t know can read it. And I don’t feel like it should interest them anyway.

    But since you ask, I was quite busy at work. And there was the 5-rounds finals of the volleyball league I play in. Took me an aweful lot of time, but we won and we’re going to play in the 2nd National League next year 🙂 Add several birthdays along the way, and don’t forget that last week was when the new graduates from my university got their diploms (I already got mine, but I had lots of friends there). Finally I must say I’ve been playing the piano a lot…

    And when everything adds up, you really don’t have much time left for yourself, and you’re too tired to work anyway :-/ But I don’t complain, I had a lot of fun!

  7. Glad to hear progress is being made, although sad that you’re porting to a new language… you continuing work on .NET or switching entirely?

    Oh and btw, Granny Weatherwax from Discworld. And it’s actually ‘I aintn’t Dead’ if memory serves (been a long time since I read that book)

  8. jods Says:

    Congrats Zark, it is Granny Weatherwax. And for all of you who haven’t read the discworld series… well you should. It could be that the quote is slightly wrong though, I’m not a native english speaker, so your memory probably serves you better than mine.

    I didn’t choose to port to a whole new language BTW. It’s still written in C#, for .NET 2.0. Considering the codebase I had, it has either been kept (the vast majority… fortunately: there are months of work in there!), or been thrown away and replace by much less and simpler code (GUI stuff is in this category).

    To keep it simple, I only changed the GUI I’m targetting. Instead of being Win32 (which basically is WinXP and older), I’m now using WPF (which boils down to WinXP and newer). Which is so much better.

    And I don’t regret it at all. This is stuff for a future post, but I am extremely happy with the port until now. The code is a lot cleaner, since most of the complex stuff just vanished, and at the same time the features are substantially better! I know this is really just teasing you, but you can expect awesome stuff from the new platform. 😉

  9. BlackMamba Says:

    Have you found a replacement for the docking library for WPF?

  10. jods Says:

    There exists none yet. But anyway I’m sure someone will make one available, as there already is quite a demand for that.

    Anyway, I am not sure that I really need one. The new platform has made me think about new possibilities, and I have some ideas to experiment for a better GUI. This is worth a full post, so expect one soon.

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