Starting screens

Today I’m just posting some kind of teaser, nothing too interesting…

The screenshot below shows you some of the starting windows of I’ve tried to design them as easy to understand as possible. A few points that are worth noticing:

  • Every lenghty operation (like importing card sets, connecting to the server, etc.) shows a progress bar and makes it clear that some work is in progress. No “frozen” feeling.
  • You can cancel the lengthy operations, when it makes sense. E.g. when connecting to a server. If the server doesn’t answer quite fast, you can be pretty sure that you can’t connect. But you don’t need to wait until the connection times out, there’s a cancel button and you can abort the connection immediately.
  • Notice on the second dialog box that your external IP address is displayed. So no need to go check it on a website. It’s not much, but it’s quite handy.

Well, as I said, nothing too fancy today. But stay tuned, next week I’m gonna talk about a really major feature.

Starting screens
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5 Comments on “Starting screens”

  1. roblethal Says:

    Not trying to be picky… but you can abort connection to a server anytime by pressing ESC.
    And theres an Option you can check that shows your external IP. When you create a server, it then shows your external address in the chat window.

    On the note: looking pretty snazzy, tangen’s have a hand in that by chance πŸ˜‰

  2. jods Says:

    You’re right Rob…

    There is an option to cancel a connection (I’m updating the post to correct that); it probably wasn’t obvious enough since I never noticed it before.

    You are also right about the option to show your public IP address. Now I wonder why it’s hidden in the options and unchecked by default, when it’s so useful to everyone ?

    There’s a lesson to learn from this. People don’t read the user guide, people don’t guess key modifiers, they don’t check deep in the options if they have no reason to and they more often than not don’t read the small text on screen (Fork made a similar experience with one of the starting screen of 2.0).
    So we should always make everything as obvious as possible. I’m really trying to, and hopes that it will show. But unfortuneately, I have already made a few concessions. I’ll probably mention them in a “Did you know…” box, but as the rest, people usually don’t read those 😦

  3. eyerouge Says:

    Will it remember the last game played, in the “star a new game”-dropdown menu? [says Blue moobn in the screeshot]

    Could be cool to have the last one pre-chosen and the rest in alpha order. My guess is that some players will have plenty of games in their list and that they will play them more or less in periods. If so, the feature would be nice.

  4. jods Says:

    yes, it will.
    Although right now most of the “preferences” are not saved…

  5. nasswer Says:


    Love what you have to say

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