Flexible GUI

OCTGN.net uses a docking system as its main user interface. A docking system allows you to anchor some tool windows on any side of the main window, or to float them. The consequence is that each player is free to lay out its GUI as he likes best. One also can change the layout depending on the game being played.

To help you best visualize, here are a few examples:

GUI layout example

The top illustration is the default layout. The 2nd image from the bottom illustrates the fact that one can hide some counters or groups. The last one shows another interesting feature: auto-hide. In this mode, the panels show up when you hover the tabs at the bottom with your mouse, and disappear when you leave them.

On an unrelated topic, this is a very important week: I’m going to make the first alpha build available to cardfloppers admins. This is a great piece of news and it sets an important milestone in 2.0 development.

But please don’t get it wrong! This doesn’t mean that OCTGN is getting close to completion. A lots of features are still missing! But it does show that progress has been made, and enough work has already been done to enable playing simple games.

Have a nice day,


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12 Comments on “Flexible GUI”

  1. eyerouge Says:

    Must say I’m getting more and more amazed everything sounds and feels so pro. It’s really cool seeing somebody put that much work into it, and do what he’s been saying he will. Most times projects like these simply die out.

    Is there a specific suggestionbox or codetracker (http://trac.edgewall.com/) for this project? You really should set up a tracker, will be needed later on anyhow, and would probably help you too.

    A question: Will your version be open source/gnu?

  2. Discord Says:

    Congrats on the forthcoming Alpha release. I can see I’m going to have to get my act together and finish DISCORD CCG in time for BETA testing. 🙂

    I was wondering about “player trays” in OCTGN 2.0. From your screenshots It appears that you can hide them completely(which would be useful, as they seem quite large). Is it possible to “dock” at least some player data(on the left or whereever)? For example, I always thought it would have been useful in OCTGN1 to be able to reduce player trays to the barest possible information. Even if it were just “John Doe | Hand Size 7”.

    Most of the time I don’t need to see the size of a library, graveyard, etc…and I don’t REALLY need to CONTINUOUSLY see the cardback of the library, or the top card on the graveyard for that matter. Sure, I’d have to manually check these values more often, but on the otherhand, there’d be a lot more play space for multiplayer cardgames.

    I guess my point is, I’m hoping that you’ve either made player trays collapsible, removable(but still functional), or as efficiently-sized as possible.

    Keep up the good work!


  3. jods Says:

    There’s no tracker or suggestion box yet. Mainly because it’s still a bit too early. Having to handle all suggestions now would slow me down rather than help development. But in time I will open one. Thanks for the Trac suggestion btw; it looks good and I didn’t know it.

    I’m going to release the full source code under the GPL licence.

    What you describe is precisely what auto-hide achieves.

    Also, you may have the impression that the trays take a lot of space. But the screenshots are very misleading: what you can’t see is that the main window is very small!

  4. roblethal Says:

    Discord: wrt more play space
    I think what jods has accomplished by using trays is that the player trays no longer are active on the table, so unlike now, you can minimize, move or resize the trays (place them where u want, regardless of where the opponent’s screen has them), and none of it affects the game table. I think this is a great idea. I also dont need to see everything in the tray, so having the option to customize would be great.
    Looking forward to that alpha jods. On another note, I know this is more for the beta release, but as far as deck building, have u developped anything for that yet? I’d like to see a complete overhaul of the deck builder and have some good ideas that I passed on to Makk for 1.x (which never have been implemented), if you’d like to hear them. Let me know.

  5. AkumAPRIME Says:

    /me Tries not to get too excited. Have we gotten to the point where a spoiler template can be released? If you know what the format is going to be, I would love something so I can start spoilering the games I have “ready.” If we aren’t at that stage yet, fair enough, but if someone could spare some time to pop that out for us, we could get to work!

  6. jods Says:

    roblethal> yes, there is a very basic deck builder. But this is more a tool for me to build the test decks, than the real thing. It will probably be completely re-written for the final release. Anyway, you’ll be able to have a glimpse at it in the alpha.

    AkumAPRIME> maybe I could communicate some templating to you. The fact that several features are still planned makes it 100% sure that the format is going to change a little. But probably not too much.
    So depending on the features your games need, you could do something now. It’s best if you get in touch with me in PM, and send me the list of games which you want to create.

    Kind regards,

  7. Btrice Says:

    Looking damn good Jods. I must say I am impressed with what I see so far, looks like some of the major reservations about layout I had with 1.X will be taken care of with these features.

  8. eyerouge Says:

    “I’m going to release the full source code under the GPL licence.” ~ jods

    /me dances around filled with joy…. it’s stuff like this that makes software greater and gives eternal life to it. *waves at the corporations*

  9. eyerouge Says:

    Oh.. I just wrote some (in my view) important thoughts about the octgn 2.o multiplayer part. Didn’t post it here since it would get long…

    Here it is >>


  10. jods Says:

    I think everybody involved with OCTGN agrees with you eyerouge.

    Finding new players could be easier. And this is not something that would be very hard to add.

    On the other hand, the distribution of games is a trickier issue. We really want to stay on the legal side, but it’s obvious that some players use OCTGN to play copyrighted games… Any good idea here is welcome. For the time being, I guess the best solution is having fans host the patches for the games they like on their personal websites.

    For both of these issues, I even have bigger views than you, but I will not work on those before 2.0 is out.

  11. eyerouge Says:


    I’m reallty happy to hear you say all that, probably the best news since the octgn 2 project started.

    When it comes to the distribution of games it is not a problem: Keep it as it is now, never ever incorporate anything that vioalates the law in the octgn server/client. Where people get their patches from is no problem – they are creative and a zillion of peer-to-peer networks and such exist. I wouldnät advise you to incorporate any function at all that can give a company any reason to take a shot at octgn 2.

    If you want to make it easier for people to exchange fan made patches there could be a possibility to send over files to each other “through” the gamelist server. They could then easily be installed with a push of a button etc etc. This function itself would never be a legal issue, and every server could also have connection text saying yadda yadda about copyright violations and so forth, and that the users are the sole ones that have responsibility for their actions. That’s already a fact with MSN messenger, icq, dc++, irc-clients/servers and other software that enables you to send information to other users – the software is not illegal, nor the functions in it. The illegal part is the sending of illegal material, and that has nothing to do with the creator(s) of the software. If this all sounds to risky, nevermind these kinds of functions – just let people get hold of whatever patches they want however they want – either by using octgn (if such filesending is incorporated) or by checking out other sources.

    Once again, superb that you’ve been thinking about these issues. I’m confident you’ll solve it in a proper way, after some serious thought.

  12. Choupon Says:

    its great that you guys are pushing ahead on this project, i love the look of the screens. very professional, they seem very intuitave and use friendly. not to say anything negative about 1.X but ive always disliked the menu system.
    and, i am wondering as to the depth of the play area, menu area, display area, etc, etc’s, mutability, im thinking that its probably possible to add octgn application skins, and as everyone on the internet knows, skinnability is our friend 🙂

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