A picture is worth a thousand words

I suppose OCTGN is about gaming… And personnally, I think a visual experience is more entertaining than text. That’s why OCTGN.net’s client is going to be very visual.

This shows in several places.

Maybe you noticed in a previous post that counters had icons instead of text. Groups also had icons. The less text on screen, the better.

Another example is that every list of cards is showing the card pictures. Your hand is just images, no text. If you look at a group’s contents, the list is made of images too. And of course, for the ease of use, everything is fully drag and drop enabled.

There’s another feature that enhances OCTGN visually. But I’ll talk about this one another time. HINT: I’d say that I can hardly show this feature on a screenshot. 😉

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a little screeny, showing one open group. Note that you can have more than one opened group at one time. You can even continue to play with groups open. But this probably works best for players with two screens…

Visual client

Have a nice day,

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4 Comments on “A picture is worth a thousand words”

  1. roblethal Says:

    i’ve been checking and hoping for an update, because i’m eagerly waiting new news on this project… and i am impressed. Looking very good indeed…

  2. Fork Says:

    “But this probably works best for players with two screens…”

    I prefer to keep my play area as big as possible and the windows hidden or moved to another screen. With octgn1, this wasn’t possible.

    I like the idea of client being very customizable. Nice…

  3. AkumAPRIME Says:

    I eagerly await this arrival. I notice that the cards are non-standard size, which will make game creation more flexible! I use a dual monitor setup, so these windowed components… will they be “spreadable?” Meaning can I move them outside of the main app?

  4. jods Says:

    Yes, AkmuAPRIME.
    Since you are a lucky dual screen owner, you can move all windows and panels out of the main application, and lay them on your second screen!

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